Saturday, September 05, 2009

Chicken pox drama

I am down with chicken pox. It's really odd getting it at this age and the discomfort of having blisters in weirds parts of your body can be very, very annoying!! I mean, when you are young and don't have body issues you can be all whiny and demanding and ask your mom to scratch that certain part of your antamoy that you can't seem to reach. But now, at my age, all I can do is lock myself into solitary confinement, try to ignore all the itchy parts, watch dvds on laptop, read trashy romance novels and wallow in self-pity!
But what's most annoying is the way people are reacting to the news. The very first irritating question that I'm being asked is "How did you get it?" How the hell am I supposed to know how I got it!!!??? May be I was dancing naked in a vat of chicken-pox virus two weeks ago - yeah, that's how I got it!!
Then comes the next question - "Who's looking after the kids?" Hello? Who do you think is looking after the kids? Who can possibly look after the kids?? They haven't been packed off to an orphanage yet - their father is still alive!! Anyone who knows me knows that spouse is helluva lot better at parenting than I'll ever be. In fact, if I keeled over and dropped dead this very moment, my children probably won't even know that there has been a change!
The third and the deadliest question is "Do you want some food?" How do I even begin to answer that question? I have blisters in my mouth and zero apetite. I haven't stepped out of this room in five days. But when I see spouse and the babies, the certainly don't look like they are starving. No thank you, I don't want any food. Then there are those well-meaning friends who said they'll drop off food whether I wanted them or not, and guess what, they haven't. Good thing that I didn't planto feed my family on the promises of these generous donors!!
I know, they mean well and want to help out - and everyone's busy with this thing called life. I'd have been happy with just an email or a text message or a post on my wall in Facebook saying Get well soon.


Lavanya said...

Get well soon Nautilus:-) Read the Shopaholic series - makes for a good laugh. No, I'm not asking how you got this or who's taking care of the kids! And I can't quite drop of food from where I am but will definitely hope that you are back on your feet soon! Take Care

Quicksilver! said...

Get Well Soon!:)
And since you have the time, you might as well let us know why and where were you AWOL for a year and a half!Please! You were missed, you know!:-D

ghetufool said...

After all these drama we have to say get well soon. We have some vested interest here, you have started blogging! Get well soon and get cracking like before.

Arunima said...

I am down with viral fever. The past month has been very tough for me. First the hubby, then mom-in-law, pa-in-law and now, me. With swine flu in the air, we have been to the doc almost every week.

Get well soon! I have lost weight. Haven't you?

Nautilus said...

Thanks guys - you make writing these inane posts worthwhile :))

White Magpie said...

How did you get it? ;)

You should have got the fish pox from all that gorging in India. Any illnesses starting with fish? Umm.. least you are posting more now. Thats good.

Get well soon.

Nautilus said...

@Magpie: Never heard of fish pox, but you can get sick from eating prawns and crabs - thankfully I'm allergic to neither!! :)