Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm back or am I, really? My fingers are itching to write, but do I really have anything to say? What do I write about? A movie review? About SRK's detention at Newark airport? About the Swine Flu epidemic? May be I should write about India's youngest rapist - if heroes like Shiney Ahuja can force himself on a hapless maid, why can't a 9 yr old boy assault a 6 yr old girl?
Or should I write about the other night when I was out with my family to have icecream at Marine Drive and a drunk hooligan beat up a scrawny security guard for simply asking to park his car in the right way? Should I write about how people just watched while the poor fellow was slapped, pushed around and kneed in the groin? Should I write how helpless I suddenly felt and the sweet taste of sitaphal icecream turned bitter in my mouth? Or should I confess about my sudden urge to possess a gun, so that I could shoot the bastard at point-blank? Why was I asked not to get involved? Because I'm a woman? Because the guy might have been armed? Or is it because it's okay to not get involved?