Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm back or am I, really? My fingers are itching to write, but do I really have anything to say? What do I write about? A movie review? About SRK's detention at Newark airport? About the Swine Flu epidemic? May be I should write about India's youngest rapist - if heroes like Shiney Ahuja can force himself on a hapless maid, why can't a 9 yr old boy assault a 6 yr old girl?
Or should I write about the other night when I was out with my family to have icecream at Marine Drive and a drunk hooligan beat up a scrawny security guard for simply asking to park his car in the right way? Should I write about how people just watched while the poor fellow was slapped, pushed around and kneed in the groin? Should I write how helpless I suddenly felt and the sweet taste of sitaphal icecream turned bitter in my mouth? Or should I confess about my sudden urge to possess a gun, so that I could shoot the bastard at point-blank? Why was I asked not to get involved? Because I'm a woman? Because the guy might have been armed? Or is it because it's okay to not get involved?


White Magpie said...

Dont write about any of those things. Write about yourself. There are very few feelings that match up to post remorse. Either you have to do in the moment of action or not think about it later.

ghetufool said...

I second magpie. Either u do or dont repent later.
Are you in bombay? Me too!