Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Shall we Budget??

I don’t understand economics, neither do I try! I’m the artsy type you see :-) I’m officially close to middle age, yet I cannot recall a single time the Union budget has affected my life!!! How can this year be any different?

So, pasta is cheaper!! Yippppppy!! Now I can feed my son 10 min pasta instead of 2 min noodles more often! Who has the time to cook anyway!

Umbrellas and walking stick to be more expensive. Hmmmm...let me see. Dadu used to have a walking stick. But he left us for a heavenly abode sometime in 1986. I can't seem to remember anyone who uses a walking stick...darn...I need to know some more old people!!!

I personally don't use umbrellas. I run to my car when it rains or simply stay home. When it’s sunny out there I do wear sunglasses or should I call it "goggles"? Which BTW will be more expensive! But who calls it "goggles"? A goggle is something that Rishi Kapoor wore in Bobby or Tariq in Yaadon Ki Baraat. That was the 70's. This is 2006...Sanju Baba & Sunil Anna opened a store called Shades in Begumpet that sells designer "goggles".

I think the reason why they made Henna more expensive is to control the sudden conversion of brunettes to redheads among the Indian female population!! Finding a non-streaked head is like looking for needle in haystack!! Only someone should have told PC that Henna is not the culprit here…L’Oreal, Garnier and other brands making hair colors should have borne the burden instead of the Henna powder making industry!!

This year on Feb 28 my son and my father-in-law had a huge fight! Baba was monopolizing the TV and son wanted to watch Tom & Jerry. Couldn’t make my son understand how a man in white mundu and shirt talking for hours with little or no expression on his face could be more interesting than a cat and mouse chase interspersed with graphic violence!!!

Oh well, one more year, one more budget…what difference does it make anyway!

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Anonymous said...

yeah i agree it hardly makes much difference but to people like me in finacne it gives a chat on FM policies to challange its viabilty maybe someday us youth can handle that position better