Thursday, March 16, 2006

Disgruntled, Annoyed, Displeased and other Synonyms

Someone asked me why I decided to name my blog “Disgruntled In General”! I was taken aback...I just thought it’s quintessentially me …grouchy, caustic, disillusioned, mostly annoyed with everything in life! Never really needed to analyze the cause of my perennial bad mood. But spouse pointed out that I can be really nice and sweet at times and even look pretty when I’m not frowning. :-) That got me thinking. Why am I disgruntled? So I’ve decided to revisit the last week and see what caused me to frown and what made me smile.

First and foremost, I’m moving yet again!! I’ve counted the number of times I’ve changed residence in last 10 years…a whopping 11 times!! I should be a veteran by now, a master of moves…but I’m not! I still get attached to every house I stay in…try to make it my “home” and get heart-broken every time my nest is destroyed!! So pardon me, if I’m frowning and acting moody. No it’s not PMS…I’m just sad. Some people cry when they’re sad…I frown and get crabby!

The other day I had a fight with a client. Let me rephrase that…the client stood around like cat’s got his tongue while his uncle was screaming himself hoarse over some petty issue. I actually didn’t fight…I can’t fight…I’m too sophisticated for that! :-) I just leave the scene if it becomes unpleasant. So I left this uncouth person foaming in the mouth and walked out of the site with my head held high. Can’t blame me if I’ve been in bad mood since then!

An uneducated labor contractor gave me some pearls of wisdom! He told me that one can’t work compromising his or her dignity. In his words “Hum log kaam karke paisa lete hain…ijjat ka suada nahi karte hain!!” Wow!!

Some people owe me money, and I am sick and tired of politely reminding them. Why do people conveniently forget when they owe money??? I can’t sleep at night when I know that I haven’t paid someone on time! I guess I can do some yelling to get the dough out, but that will sour the relationship…and I believe in relationships…I wish some more people thought like me! *sigh*

A so called designer has seriously messed up some of my clothes. They look like something you’d see on extras in a Telegu film song!!! I was too stunned to even react. Of course, he’s not getting paid and I don’t care if our relationship sours…in fact I asked him never to cross my path again! It boils my blood to even think that he calls himself a designer and actually has a degree from NIFT. Wow, I’m astounded by the quality this hallowed institution is producing!!

Half the lights in my house don’t work! Every day a new bulb blows out and I’m sick of replacing them. Lately my excuse has been that I’m moving anyway, so why bother! In addition to that there’s the intolerable heat (it’s only March), the power cuts, the mosquitoes, the nagging maid servant and a hyper-active child! I really do have a wonderful life! My injured knee is acting up again. The pain gets unbearable at times. I know I should go for Arthroscopy which promises miracle cure, but I can’t get myself to trust the local health care system. So I grit my teeth and bear the pain and the result…more frowns :-)

I can't seem to avoid Himesh Reshammiya. He's everywhere; god! He's at the pubs, at the grocery store, at the mall, on my TV, in the car radio...last week my 5 year old son had a play date and I heard his little friend crooning" Ooooooooooo Oooooooooo Oooooooooo...A(n)shi(n)q Banaya(n) Aa(n)pne!! That was clearly the limit!! I'm not jealous of Reshammiya's fact I'm quite in awe that he's become such a hit machine! But please, that Sufiana (read annoyingly nasal) voice is now getting to me! As if Ashiq Banaya Aapne and Aksar wasn't enough...he now has a private album (whatever it’s called...its sounds the same any way). The music video also looks like a rehashed version of his other videos where he sports three day stubble and a baseball cap and looks forlorn, pining for some pretty girl who has decided to move on with her life!!! Good for her!! Bad for us...unless he gets the girl we'll be subjected to more Ooooooooooo Oooooooooooooo’s! *frown*

Last but not the least; Amey Date got eliminated from Indian Idol 2. My first reaction was “What the @#$%???!!” Has the audience gone deaf that they gave more votes to Anuj Sharma?! I was very angry. But then I saw the monk like smile on Amey’s face and the dignity and grace with which he accepted the decision. I was so touched by his humility. Hats off to Amey! He brought a smile through my tears of anger! But I can’t rest in peace unless I know that Karunya has won the title. Yet, looking at the trend, I won’t be surprised if he gets eliminated next week! If that happens, I must warn everyone, there’ll be a lot more grouchiness!!!

I haven’t been on a vacation in a very long time. Every now and then I hallucinate about a white sand beach, azure sky meeting aquamarine ocean at the horizon, a large umbrella fluttering in gentle breeze, a muscular guy in brilliant white uniform and teeth to match serving me Lynchburg Lemonade while I lounge on a deck chair reading one of the 12 books that I plan to read (as soon as I can get some time). Now wouldn’t that be loverly!!

I guess my life is not that bad. I don’t have an alcoholic husband who beats me up, or evil in-laws who threaten to burn me alive if I didn’t bring more dowry from home. Neither am I suffering from a debilitating illness or in a financial mess. My problems are small, may be even petty! I manage to keep my chin up all day, but I should at least be allowed to vent in this space!!!


Lavanya said...

It's the small things in life that make us happy and it's the small (add adjectives mundane and stupid) things that frustrate us. Point noted!

Nautilus said...

Lavanya, you're right about that. Its the small pixels that collectively make the big picture! :-)

indianpeppone said...

Totally empathise about that Himesh guy...... hated him in saregamapa and now cant escape him, i refuse to go to his Dubai show on hearing grounds(that i can hear)......Love the way u write....keep on blogging

Nautilus said...

Thanks Indianpeppone:-) Hope the my recipe helped your cough! :-)

ellen said...

Hi, Nautilus,

Came here to thank you for dropping by my blog earlier. :-) I'd like to put in a bit of clarification to your 'judgemental' query. That post was for celebrating children. Other details in the story were simply a situational narration of events. It aimed to show the contrast between two kinds of parents, not necessarily 'mothers' - dads could do that too you know. So I hope you see it better now. :-) You know, the 'difficulties' of motherhood will surely make a good subject for another post. Thanks for that idea. From one mother to another, I'll say this sure is quite a task God has trusted us with. But doing our best is all that He asks - He knows we're not perfect.

I'll be back in here later to read your post. My daughter wants me to help her out with a new dress lol :-) See you soon. God bless!

ellen said...

Well...vent all you like in your blog's yours. :-) You write well. Though I was a bit uncomfortable reading about someone 'negatively' affected by certain events in his or her life. Yet I can understand it all..'been through the same things myself at different points in my life and work. :-) Do have a good day. God bless you and your family.

maya said...

nice blog u have here! i relate to the problems of shiftin and me too has this senti stuff fr the place i stay

indianpeppone said...

tried it, but minus the tabasco, tomato juice and worcestershire......doesnt seem to work though.

Nautilus said...

@Ellen:Thank you so much for visiting my blog. We`all go through pretty rough patches in our lives; some affect us more than others. I can't say I've been "negatively" affected...if anything, I've come out much stronger and more cautious, than I was before :-)

@Maya: Thanks Maya. The shifting part is easy...its the destruction of my carefully put together nest thats killing me :-( And I've to do this all over again! On the brighter side, spouse has promised an unlimited budget to do up the new place...yeah baby!! :-)

@Indianpeppone: I can't believe you didn't try out my marvellous recipe!!! So bad!! You need to cough one more day for dismissing my wonderful medicine :-)

Ducky said...

Looks like everyone has their own petty problems. But then a blog is where u can vent it out. So, out with it. Just make sure u're ready to read all of ours too.

Chill out and take care.

indianpeppone said...

The curse of nautilus works...... and its stronger tha nu urself coughing for 2 days more now

Nautilus said...

@Ducky: Bring it on...I'm all ears...oops eyes I mean :-) And Thanks for dropping by!

@Indianpeppone:Didn't mean to curse you :-( Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

hii maam
u look more emotional lady as these indian idol shows r only to raise rtp rating & not much attention should be given to sms stuff just enjoy the music