Saturday, August 25, 2007


Sonny boy's summer vacations are not over yet!! So these days where ever I go, I have to drag him with me and play Bollywood item songs in the car to keep him entertained!! I know, I know I should be playing Rabindrasangeet or Beethoven to stimulate his young mind and not "Aa khushi se khudkushi kar le" I'm not raising a culturally elite kid...oh well!!!

These days most songs have bizzare Hinglish rap thrown in to make it more hip-hop I guess...I usually tune them out, but apparently sonny boy has been listening! So while such a song was playing, we had a conversation, which went like this:

Sonny Boy (SB): Mommy, can you turn down the volume please? I want to ask you a question!
Me: Yes baby!
SB: Mommy, what is sexy?
(Me pretending momentary deafness!)
SB: Mommy, you didn't answer my question!!
Me: Erm...
SB: I asked you, what is sexy!!??
Me: Sexy? Hmmm...lets see...what is sexy??!!
SB: Yes, what is sexy?
Me: describe a person who is...goodlooking, smart, well dressed and excercises regularly so that he or she has a very good body!
SB: That makes me sexy!!
Me: Huh?
SB: Yes! I'm goodlooking, smart, well dressed and I go to Aikido classes regularly!
Me: No baby! Only grown ups can be sexy! Children are not sexy - they are cute!
SB: Thats not fair!!


ichatteralot said...

Ha ha ha :)
That word is used very liberally everywhere in the Indian media these days. RecentlyI had a question about what are stayfrees meant for. Tell me if you have a smart answer!

Nautilus said...

@Chatter: I've been asked that and my answer was, they are diapers for grown ups!! Thankfully sonny boy is quite squirmy about anything remotely scatological, so he didn't press me any further! :-)

Ghetufool said...

interpreters of maladies.

IRIS said...

Ha ha! Very sexy this one..
Like the new look of the blog and thanks for addign a link to mine:-)

chandni said...

that is so cute!! Well, tell him the perkiness in him is sexy!


Quicksilver! said...

It's been a while since i saw a sexy grownup.Sigh!:)))))It's not easy being a Mum, is it?:))))

Grey Shades said...

LOL!!! Sonny boy sure is smart :)

Nautilus said...

@Ghetu: :D

@Iris: You are welcome :)

@Chandni: Oh its already passe for him! He's moved on to "cooler" pastures! :)

@Quicksilver: Touche :D

@Grey: More like precocious!! :)

Lavanya said...

One of ur shortest posts and one of your ..ahem.. sexiest;-)?
Btw,thankx for adding me to ur I"I love to read..." list...