Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Things To Do Before I Die

We were walking on a suspension bridge on Mt Mat Chinchang in Langkawi, about 2150 feet above sea level on a foggy, misty afternoon! I’m deathly scared of heights, as I am of closed spaces and water and creepy-crawlies among many other things! And I kept having premonitions of the bridge snapping under the collective puny weight of our little family (I can get really morbid at times, but the bridge WAS swaying a little!!) It occurred to me that if I were to fall to my death at that instance, I would miss out on so many experiences, there would be so many things left undone…it would be an unfinished life!

It made me think about the things I always wanted to do but never really got around doing. And I know I'm not the only one here. Most of the time we don't even realize our own desires, because we merely exist instead of living! Thus came the overwhelming need to write down the list of things to do before I die! There's also a wish list; wishes that I nurture in my heart and hope that they come true some day!

So, here’s my to-do list in random order:

  • Sail down the Nile, climb the pyramid on a moon-lit night, glimpse at the treasures of King Tut, marvel at the gigantic pillars of the temple of Luxor, wander through the maze like El Khallili bazaar…to cut a long story short, visit Egypt!
  • Learn to speak in French fluently…don’t ask me why…I’m obsessed about everything French :-)
  • Go Bungee jumping…vertigo notwithstanding!
  • Fly in a hot air balloon…hmmm…looks like I’m on a quest to conquer my fear of heights!
  • Learn to play the piano.
  • Learn Ballroom dancing.
  • Learn swimming.
  • Write a book that people will pay to read and then sell the movie rights for an undisclosed amount :-)
  • Start my own restaurant.
  • Ride a horse without being afraid of falling down!
  • Lay a rose on Kafka’s grave.
  • Paint more often.
  • Adopt a baby girl.
  • Lose weight and keep it off.
  • Create my website.
  • Ride a bicycle.
  • Read all the books on my “must read” list.
  • Travel, travel and travel more.
  • Learn to ski.
  • Live life as if I have only a month to live!
  • Stop procrastinating!!!!!

    And here’s my wish-list:
  • Happiness, peace and freedom in the lives of the two most important women in my life.
  • A very, very long and healthy life for the brightest kid I know.
  • Not move for at least 2 years :-)
  • See sonny boy get into Harvard…may be I should start drafting HAWGIH !
  • Get over my fear of confrontation.
  • Overcome my need for approval.
  • Be a better spouse, mother, daughter, sister and friend.
  • Have more people visit my blog and comment :-)


indianpeppone said...

Looks like u have created a path for your soul rather than u in this life....
Am sooooo proud of u that u didnt wish for world peace.. :-)

Nautilus said...

I left that for all the beauty pageant winners! :-)

Jenn said...

You were in Langkawi? Wow. My part of the world (sort of).

Anyway, here's one for the last thing on your wishlist. :)

Sandeep Meher said...

the last one is similar to mine :-). so thanks for dropping by on my blog.

Nautilus said...

@Jenn: Lankawi was a great place...enjoyed a week of long-overdue, much needed break!

@Sandeep: On one hand I say I wish to "Overcome my need for approval" and in the same breath also add "Have more people visit my blog and comment"! Life is full of such dilemma...oh well :-)

Mirebella said...

I've done some of those things on your to do list. Its def helps putting it down in writing - it keeps things in perspective! Looking fwd in reading more of those blogs.