Friday, February 17, 2006

Charminar and the Prophet's cartoon

How old is the issue of the Prophet's cartoon published in a Danish newspaper? Sorry if I can't recall..may be September 30, 2005! The echo hits Hyderabad on the 18th of February 2006 where following the Friday prayer 10,000 strong angry mob descend on the old city and went on a rampage indulging in burning public transport, stone pelting and looting shops!!!!

Hats off to my Muslim brothers of Hyderabad!! To protest about a politically incorrect cartoon published in a Danish newspaper, you burn down your own transports, loot shops owned by your brethen and pelt stones at your own people!!! I sincerely hope that by destroying properties in your own city you have conveyed a messege to the Danish newspaper, who in my opinion gives a rat's derriere to your sentiment!!! And who will compensate the damages suffered by these poor business owners, many of whom are Muslims just like you (or did you only target the Hindu shops) ? Will it be the AIMIM, whose leaders stood around and argued with the police instead of controlling the mob?? Do you even know what the cartoon was all about, or how it hurt your religious sentiments? Or did you just carry out orders from your religious-political leaders who has some other agenda??

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felumittir said...

I beleive the number ( 10000 ) that you have mentioned shows, that , this many people are only real followers of the prophet. Then, the question arises about the rest. This clearly points out the real objective behind the rampage of those who took part and also designed it. Now with winds of change the religious leaders are overwhelmed by politics and the political leaders are religiously following the features of politics.